The boyfriend and I visited Monster Mini Golf again tonight
Before we arrived, he made a comment: “I will frequent this place til I master every hole!”

And he will

We enjoyed the arcade this time, starting with Terminator: Salvation. I totally kicked his butt, 26:13!
We also enjoyed air hockey and skee ball and shooting hoops and stomping on little spider lights
But on to the photos..

Photo 1: After I had already walked up to the claw machine, I look down and my heart explodes. Just look at that face! It was just staring at me, I couldn’t resist!

Photo 2: Boyfriend working very hard to win me that sweet little baby sheep :D

Photo 3: He is mine! All mine!

Photo 4, 5, & 6: More paintings on the walls at the mini golf section of the building

Photo 7: Monster Mini Golf also sells dildos

Photo 8: Stewie was also in the claw machine, but he didn’t look happy where he was at >:(

I also won at mini golf, by 2 strokes. So I got an “admit one for free” pass!
This place is seriously the best